We partner with in-house content teams to expedite your blog growth and create a plan that produces results.

At Authority Plug, we know that content teams may not be great at crafting a content strategy, so we partner with them to let them know exactly what topics they should produce content around to achieve quick and sustainable growth.

Stop Writing Your Content Blindfolded and Start Getting Results

Most businesses out there are writing their content with a blindfold on. You may ask, what does that mean? It means brands are publishing content randomly without knowing EXACTLY what their audience is searching for.
Publishing posts like “Our 4th Week Update at the Office” is not going to bring in the traffic, leads and customers that your business needs to see a substantial growth in revenue.
Content marketing is extremely focused and is targeted around the burning questions and topics that your customers need answered.
Strategic content marketing is a real and scalable way to get real people reading your content but more importantly, entering your funnels and eventually becoming your customers.
This is not a short-term strategy and it is not an inexpensive one, but the results can change the face of your business and take you from a good business to an amazing brand.
As your blog grows and compounds over time you’ll begin to see not only a pickup in traffic but also consistent leads coming into your funnel everyday on auto-pilot.
If you’re ready for your team to start producing content that allows your blog to bring in more traffic, leads and customers, hit the button below to reach out to us.
Search-Focused Content

Maximize Your Blog Growth With Content Marketing

There’s no better place for content to be found than the search engines. That’s why we take a seo-driven approach when finding topics for your brand. We strategically match keyword volume and search intent to create a high growth strategy.
Customer Buyer Journey

Understanding what’s in your customers’ head

We take our time to assess exactly where your customer is in the buying process so we can find content that nurtures them from the first encounter to the point of purchase.
Bringing In The Clicks

Knowing What makes a potential customer click your site

You’re literally fighting against hundreds of thousands of other websites in your vertical. It’s imperative that you have an eye-catching, click-worthy headline that draws visitors in as soon as they see it.
In-house content team partnering

Forming Your Dream Team

Our team will partner with your in-house content team to make sure they are writing around the topics that are needed to exponentially grow your blog in a relatively short amount of time. Having your content topics delivered to you on a silver platter, so you can hand the content off to your writers creates a well oiled machine that’ll have your blog blowing up! We accomplish goals that others are intimidated by.

Are you ready for your in-house content team to actually start writing content that produces your company an ROI?

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